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Meet the Team


Robert S. Stein, D.C.

Dr. Stein is a Board Certified Lifestyle Medicine Professional. Dr. Stein received his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from the State University of New York at Albany and his Doctor of Chiropractic degree at the Southern California University of Health Sciences.


He completed an additional year of training in sports injuries and another year-long program in rehabilitation. Dr. Stein is a U.S.A. Jump Rope and Punk Rope instructor.


In addition, Dr. Stein obtained a Certificate of Completion in Culinary Coaching from the Institute of Lifestyle Medicine, Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, Harvard Medical School.


Dr. Stein enjoys speaking with and educating his patients about nutrition, exercise and healthy cooking. Dr. Stein, a New York native, is married and has three children. He enjoys exercising and cooking.​


Brian J. Lerman, D.C.

Dr. Lerman received his Bachelor of Science degree in Human Biology from the State University of New York at Stony Brook, and his Doctor of Chiropractic degree at the Southern California University of Health Sciences.


In addition, Dr. Lerman received Advanced Certification in Competency in Whiplash and Brain Injury Traumatology at the Spine Research Institute of San Diego.


Dr. Lerman, a New York native, is married with three children. He has a large garden and grows all of his own vegetables.


Florence Ogunlesi

Florence Ogunlesi is a food and nutrition expert with over 15 years experience as a registered dietitian. Florence obtained her B.A. in Culinary Nutrition from Johnson & Wales University and her M.A. in Food Studies from New York University. She is a culinary nutrition expert and holds a Certificate of Training for Adult Weight Management. Her years of experience have taken her through various areas in the nutrition field, from working with patients of all ages in an acute care hospital to working in home care providing nutrition education to individuals under the Ryan White grant in Brooklyn, New York. In recent years, Florence has worked in management as the Nutrition Coordinator at the Center for Eating Disorders. Florence’s experience, passion for food, and culinary skills make her a well-rounded and accomplished dietitian. Not only can she prescribe a healthy diet, she can also provide hands-on training and demonstrations of how astonishing healthy meals can look and taste.


Maya Hanks

Maya Hanks is a fitness and nutrition enthusiast. She is dedicated to helping people eat better and move more. She is a Certified Personal Trainer and a Licensed Chiropractic Assistant. She obtained a B.A. degree from Towson University.  She enjoys lifting weights and running, and can often be seen competing in 5K races across Baltimore. She lives in Baltimore with her husband and son.


Gila Schwarzschild

Gila's career in the food space started when she was in high school and worked as an assistant instructor in community cooking classes on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. After earning a Bachelor of Arts at Barnard College, her work has taken her through a formal culinary school program, to Michelin-starred kitchens, private homes, local farms and a small vineyard in France. She's worked fields, conducted empirical studies on food and eating cultures, taught children to peel vegatables, and orchestrated private dinner parties and events. Food for Gila is about celebration in a way that's comforting and nourishing. In all applications of her work, Gila uses the principles of her education in health supportive cooking from The Natural Gourmet Institute to create experiences grounded in whole foods that help the body thrive. She is now pursuing a masters degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from Hunter College in New York and is excited to incorporate a deeper understanding of the science of nutrition into her cooking and instruction.

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