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Helping you Make Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Get Healthy.  Live Healthy.  Stay Healthy.

Enjoy programs that are designed to educate, motivate and empower you to make the necessary changes to become healthier.

Reach & maintain your ideal weight.

Prevent & reverse chronic disease

Feel less stress & more energetic.

Enjoy better relationships.

All of our programs apply the principles of Lifestyle Medicine

Food as medicine    You’ll learn the benefits of adopting mostly whole food plant-based eating, exactly what and how to eat, and how to incorporate it into your busy life.

Incorporating movement into your routine You’ll feel an improvement in your energy levels by adding exercise with our personalized recommendations. We work from your starting point and with your goals.

Implementing lifestyle changes    You’ll learn to lower your stress level, improve your social connections, and restore your sleep patterns-- all keys towards better health.

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Unlock the way to improving your health —
choose your plan today!

Get Healthy
2 day program

This program was designed specifically for high school and college students to help them set up healthy habits to get them through their studies while staying healthy and maintaining a healthy weight.

This program is limited to:

  • College students/Teens wanting to stay healthy in college


  • Two private consultations with Dr. Stein

  • Shopping Lists & recipes

  • Mostly whole food plant-based eating & exercise recommendations


Live Healthy
28 day program

Ideal for those ready to apply lifestyle changes for powerful disease prevention.

This program is perfect for:

  • Weight loss

  • Improving metabolic conditions such as Type 2 diabetes & high blood pressure


  • Four private consultations with Dr. Stein

  • Shopping Lists & recipes

  • Mostly whole food plant-based eating, exercise, sleep & stress management recommendations

  • 1 month access to interactive meal planner


Stay Healthy
12 week program

Ideal for those committed to a lifestyle change for a dramatic shift in managing weight, energy & chronic illness.

This program is perfect for:

  • Continued weight loss

  • Disease reversal

  • Post Cancer care

  • Stress Reduction


  • Six private consultations with Dr. Stein

  • Shopping Lists & recipes

  • Mostly whole food plant-based eating, exercise, sleep & stress management recommendations

  • 3 months access to interactive meal planner 

  • Personal supermarket tour

  • Home pantry clean-out

  • Exercise training session


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What's included in our programs

All of our plans provide you with the information that you need to learn to live healthier, the resources to start making the right changes and the support to maintain your healthier lifestyle.

1 - 1 consultations with certified Lifestyle Medicine practitioner

Personal Exercise Programs

Meal Planning & Recipes

Unlimited Email and Text Support

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Looking for ongoing support? Check out our Thrive Healthy Monthly plan

Our Testimonials

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"Dr. Stein is awesome in more ways than one!  He often tells me ways to improve my overall health...physically and mentally.  What he doesn't know is he changed my life! His advice on healthier eating and cooking habits has resonated into improved cholesterol levels and decreased my chances of  developing diabetes. Dr. Stein really cares about his patients - - he is one of a kind!!"

-Roberta H.

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Other services available upon request*

  • Consultation with Dr. Stein    $250

  • Consultation with Dietitian/Nutritionist  $130

  • Supermarket Tour   $250

  • Pantry Makeover - $250

  • Speaker engagement - Prices vary

  • Private Whole Food Plant-Based Cooking Class - Prices vary

*Available in Baltimore City and County.  Other locations in Maryland will be charged a travel fee.


How do you sign up?

There are two ways to sign up. Click on “Sign Up Now” on any of the Programs. Or schedule a free 15 minute consultation with Dr. Stein. During this consultation, Dr. Stein will listen to your specific situation and make a recommendation on a program to achieve your goal.

What happens before the first appointment?

Once you sign up for a program, we’ll provide our intake questionnaires that will include information about your health history, your family history, and your current eating and exercise habits. If you haven’t had bloodwork done recently, Dr. Stein will refer you to a laboratory for appropriate blood work.

What happens at the first appointment?

At the first appointment, Dr. Stein will review your health history and bloodwork. He’ll listen to your health concerns, goals and any issues you may be experiencing. Next, he’ll develop a personalized plan to help you reach your healthiest lifestyle and overcome your health challenges.

Do you do Virtual consultations?

All services can be provided virtually in the state of Maryland where Dr. Stein is licensed.

Do you prescribe medications?

Lifestyle Medicine is focused on lifestyle changes to support your health. Dr. Stein does not prescribe medications but he will keep your primary care physician informed of all changes to your diet and exercise habits.

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Thrive Healthy Monthly Support

Increase your chance of  success with monthly accountability.

Our monthly support is designed for those who have completed one of the programs and desire continued resources and support.

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The monthly plan focuses on fully incorporating lifestyle changes to benefit your long-term health.

A study on accountability found that when you have a specific accountability appointment with someone that you’ve committed to, you increase your
chance of success by 95%

Feel more energetic & focused

Maintain your ideal weight

Decrease your reliance on medication

Achieve your health goals

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Three Steps to Success:



Once you’ve completed one of our Lifestyle programs, we’ll establish your individual goals and your baseline.  You’ll also receive resources to aid your progress.


Check In

In these quarterly accountability visits, we’ll talk about your progress, strategize to improve habit performance and discuss any questions you may have.



You’ll see measurable improvements in each of the areas of Lifestyle Medicine.  Let us help you reach your health goals today.

Powders and Grains

Personalized Attention for Goal Accountability

$97 / month
Continue your progress towards living the healthiest lifestyle possible.
Cancel anytime.

  • Check In Consultations

  • Email and Text Support

  • Exercise Recommendations

  • Interactive Online Meal Planner with Recipes 

  • Tracking & Accountability

FAQs about Thrive Healthy Monthly Support

Can I sign up directly for monthly support?

Thrive Healthy is a monthly support program to be completed AFTER you’ve completed one of the programs listed in our services. In the programs, you will develop a baseline of nutritional knowledge, begin incorporating regular physical activity and improve other lifestyle habits that impact your health. The monthly support program will keep your progress going with additional resources and assistance.

Do you offer virtual check-ins?

For your convenience, accountability check-ins can be in person or virtual.

Do I have to go vegan to participate in your programs?

You don’t have to completely eliminate the things you enjoy! You can reap benefits from eating mostly whole food plant-based. Let us show you how.

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