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Discover the Keys  to a 

Healthier Life

We give you the tools and guidance you need to prevent and reduce chronic disease, reach and maintain your ideal weight, and improve your health through a mostly whole food plant-based diet, regular exercise, improved sleep, stress management, and enhanced social connectedness.

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You Shouldn’t Have to Feel Alone While
Navigating Your

Have you spent time and money pursuing solutions that haven’t given you the results that you hoped?

Lifestyle Medicine offers a different solution.

The truth is that much of your health lies within your control.  

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Are You Hoping to...


Learn and implement new lifestyle habits to support a healthy future?


Achieve and maintain your ideal weight?


Decrease your risk of chronic diseases?


Reduce or possibly eliminate reliance on certain medications?


Get into the best shape of your life?

Our mission is to help you achieve your
optimal health and wellness.

We offer evidence-based solutions and the right amount of support and guidance for you to reach your goals.

Take your first step toward making a true lifestyle change.

Call Now: 410-978-7416
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Our Testimonials

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"Dr. Stein is awesome in more ways than one!  He often tells me ways to improve my overall health...physically and mentally.  What he doesn't know is he changed my life! His advice on healthier eating and cooking habits has resonated into improved cholesterol levels and decreased my chances of  developing diabetes. Dr. Stein really cares about his patients - - he is one of a kind!!"

-Roberta H.

Healthy Woman

Get Healthy.  Live Healthy.  Stay Healthy.

Science-based programs proven to help you thrive.

Lifestyle Medicine focuses on behavioral changes to achieve measurable results.


Feel More Energetic


Lower Stress Levels

noun_Strong heart_1073411.png

Lose Weight &
Get Stronger


Improve Your Relationships



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Free Yourself From Risky Substances

Banana Leaf

Lifestyle Medicine Can Prevent & Reverse Chronic Disease

Our programs impact conditions that are related to lifestyle choices.

  • Heart disease

  • Cancer

  • Lung disease

  • Obesity/Weight Loss

  • Stroke

  • Alzeheimer’s/Dementia

  • Type 2 Diabetes

  • Kidney Disease

  • Gout

  • Hypertension

  • Osteoporosis

Call Now: 410-978-7416
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Improved Health & Wellness is Within Your Control
Let Us Help You Achieve Your Best Health. Take Your First Step Today

Call Now: 410-978-7416
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