Do you struggle with type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and other chronic health problems?

Do you want your family to be healthy and maintain a healthy weight?

Do you struggle with what to cook and how to eat?

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Helping you make a healthy lifestyle change

Our Mission

Educating, motivating, and empowering you to become healthier through cooking, mostly whole food plant-based nutrition, exercise and physical activity, sleep, stress management, and social connectedness. This will be accomplished through a comprehensive, practical, hands-on lifestyle change program.

Prevent and reverse chronic disease

Lose weight and get stronger

Sleep better

Manage stress

Improve your social connections


12 Month
Comprehensive, Individual, Healthy Lifestyle Program
12 Month 
Post-Cancer Lifestyle Change Program
28 Day
Whole Food Plant-Base Weight Loss Program
Complete Health Improvement Program
Community Based Group Program

We keep your primary care physician updated on your program and progress.

Meet The Team

Gila Schwarzschild


Dietitian and Nutritionist

Health Supportive Chef
Robert Stein

Dr. Robert Stein

Brian Lerman

Dr. Brian Lerman

Florence Ogunlesi

Florence Ogunlesi

Maya Hanks

Maya Hanks

Personal Trainer

Tohar Livne

Tohar Livne

Graphic and Web Designer


Effective and Efficient

Dr. Stein is awesome in more ways than one!  He often tells me ways to improve my overall health...physically and mentally.  What he doesn't know is he changed my life! His advice on healthier eating and cooking habits has resonated into improved cholesterol levels and decreased my chances of  developing diabetes. Dr. Stein really cares about his patients - - he is one of a kind!!

Roberta H.

Flexible and Committed

Dr. Stein shared with me his certification in lifestyle medicine and helped me develop a full exercise and nutrition program. This included daily exercises I can do in my home to strengthen weak areas, and recipes including specific grocery lists that I can easily pick up and prepare.  One year later, I’m definitely in better overall health!  Thanks Dr. Stein for going the extra mile!

Michael S.

Creative & Resourceful

Dr. Stein is a great resource to create a healthier you.  He has helped me with exercise, eating healthier, and creating an overall healthy lifestyle.  He breaks everything down into easy to follow steps.

Roxanna P.